SEO Results

Below are a few examples across our three service offers that benefited from our laser focused three step approach to SEO implementation.

Personal Website SEO

This example is of a brand new personal website in London that was created four months prior to our involvement. As per the green arrow, SEO work commenced in May, and by mid-June, the website began ranking and generating organic traffic from Google.

Small Business SEO

This small business website based in London had a great deal of SEO work completed before we were commissioned. We used our three-step framework to carefully and strategically develop a plan for this customer. Work commenced mid-July, and within six months traffic had almost doubled. By April of the following year, traffic had tripled with sustainable organic traffic from new and existing keywords. 

Enterprise SEO

We specialise and enjoy the challenge of larger projects here at Rank Me Higher. The website below was already generating 500-800 hits a day with major potential. Minimal SEO work had been performed on the website and the client’s website was growing by 2-3 pages per day. We began work on this website in the beginning of May and within three months saw organic traffic growing steadily. We conducted periodic audits and revised our strategy accordingly and the website peaked at more than 4 times its organic traffic a year later!

Additional SEO Examples

SEO for start ups
Personal website with some SEO work done previously – 100% increase in average clicks within 2 months.