Off-page, on-page, audits, compliance, and best practices. 

The best content in the world won’t reach the right audience if your website is laden with errors. Sure you may rank for a few keywords, but nailing the technical aspects of SEO dramatically increases your web presence and increases your rankings across multiple keywords.

Like a house, websites contain structure and architecture, and the search engines like Google are designed to read websites based on these universal blueprints. If your website lacks or does not conform to these frameworks, it will sacrifice all the hours of hard work spent on the content and the information that was meant to reach your end users. 

Technical SEO resolves these issues by completing a full audit of your website and all its webpages. The audit highlights common and complex errors that can be addresses with the required changes. Amendments can take minutes or hours to implement depending on the scale of your website or foundation it was built on.