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How do your customers find you?

Local SEO targets customers in your business’s immediate area. Whether your business operates in a specific town or city, optimising the business to reach your closest customers capitalises on the highest potential.

Applications like Google Maps allows users to search and identify businesses that are needed at the right place at the right time. Allowing your business to become a prominent pin on a map shows the user you are a trusted business with all the relevant information needed to initiate a call or query.

With the business optimised for local SEO, expect to receive more relevant queries from locals and tourists alike. Queries that have a higher potential of converting into a sale or transaction is the goal of every business, help centre, and organisation.

Strategy is key to local SEO, therefore research is required in regards to which area to target. Areas can become saturated over time when potential is realised; finding the niche and where the gap is will propel your local SEO strategy beyond the competition.

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